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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sea Bags Suck

So, it's official. Ryan is leaving for deployment on April 16th. We've spent the last few days getting him ready to go. Going shopping for baby size shampoos and arguing over how much underwear he ACTUALLY needs. It's been quite the experience. Tonight we were packing his sea bag and I litterally had to jump and down in it for all the shit to sink to the bottom.. it's so bulk and awkward. You would think the Navy would find a better form of duffle bag.. ehhhh...
I was thinking a lot today about the trip Ryan and I took to the Tacoa River for my 21st birthday. We spent two nights camping in the mountains, and it, to this day, is still one of the happiest memories of my life. I know that one day when I'm old, wrinkled, and unable to climb a mountain to get to a fresh running river, I will remember and smile. Because when I was a young woman a sweet natured boy took me to the wilderness and we truly fell in love. All the rocky times we have had between now and then seem completely irrelevent when I think about that trip. Somehow it makes everything so clear.

We're taking an overnight trip next week to San Francisco before Ryan leaves, and I'm stoked! We're staying at Hotel Nikko. It's this super Zen chic hotel right in the middle of Union Station. I went to Old Navy today to get a new bag for school, and I found two dresses and a bag for 22.oo! Hell yes. Just what I needed for a perfect mini vacation with the babehs.

It's been a great day.... well... cept for the fucking sea bag.

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